unkown facts about red pandas

Pandas are unique among the most beautiful animals on this earth. No matter how long you see red pandas in them. You will never be lonely. If they walk like that it looks like a small size teddy bear is moving. Their color, fur, tail and shape all impress children. These cute dumb creatures are now listed as endangered species. And today is International Red Panda Day, so let's learn some about them.

Wandering in the Himalayan:

Red pandas live in the eastern Himalayan. These are very rare to see. Because the number of these is very small. They live on trees for a long time. Even if they sleep right there. The chances of falling to the ground are low. They forage for food at night. Wander for food at sunrise and sunset times.

Curse of human actions:

As the Ronranu forests shrink, so do the chances of these animals surviving. They live mostly on bamboo trees. The number of these trees is declining. Forests are disappearing. At present these are estimated to be around 10 thousand. The good news is large-scale operations are being carried out every year to increase their numbers.

Cat size:

Many people think that the red panda is big in size like the big pandas. In fact, they are the same size as the cats that grow in our homes. They are very snowy and have a lot of fur. Hence, these appear to be 18 inches larger. They like the leaves of bamboo trees very much. Along with them eat fruits, roots, nuts, eggs.

Red Panda Day is celebrated as:

On the occasion of International Red Pandas Day, people from all over the world visit the places where they live. They are fed. Photos are taken. The zoo with the red pandas is very noisy today. There is no guarantee that these will appear even if you go to the zoo. They hide silently in the bushes of the trees in the zoo. Finding these is like a puzzle.

Teachers tell students about red pandas today. Explain what is good for the environment by protecting them.

Highlights of Red Panda:

They sleep 55 days in their lifetime. They are active looking for breakfast in the morning.

These are alone. Do not live in groups. They meet other pandas only on offspring-producing days. For this, they do head shaking and tail waving.

Red pandas are actually a species of bear. They are considered to be a species of Ailuridae. They look like raccoons found in America.

Red pandas love snow. They look good in the snow because of their red color. They are more visible in winter.

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