Did you know why that coconut has 3 eyes?

Our Telugu people have an inseparable bond with coconuts. Without them we cannot perform pujas and good deeds. We decorate plants with coconuts at festivals and festivities. Thus, we consider them to be very sacred. So there are some interesting facts about coconuts. As a general, no one would tell them. To whom they know themselves. Some things will remain unknown forever. Let them know there will be no one to tell with interest. Let's find out why coconut has three eyes.

What is the story of the three eyes? No matter what the coconut if you remove the peach behind it looks like it has three eyes. Two of them are tight. One is soft. Because from that soft eye, the coconut blooms inside the nut. It is very soft, sweet and delicious. That flower turns into another coconut tree. So the main reason for having three eyes is time. It is estimated that there are now thirty coconuts in the palm trees, just as there are thirty coconuts in the palm trees now. It is expected that over time all three of them will become one coconut.

Feeling of devotion with coconut:

In Sanskrit, coconut is called sriphal. Which means the divine fruit. Hence, Indians consider Coconut to be a divine fruit. According to Hindu customs, smashing a coconut is like leaving the pride and arrogance within us. The main thing is to be pious before God.

The three eyes of a coconut are considered to be the three eyes of Lord Shiva. They are also known as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. The black shell around the coconut is measured as Karthikeyaswamy, the coconut as Gauri Mata and the coconut water as Gangamata.

Special story in Puranas:

There is an interesting narrative in the mythology regarding the three eyes. One day Chitti Ganapathi was going to touch the third eye of God. Mukkanti stopped in the meantime to give the ball with three eyes to fulfill the desire of the son. While playing with it slipped from the hand of Ganesha and fell to the ground. At the same time a man saw it. It felt like a God-given gift. Since then, the coconut has been worshiped in temples as sacred and special.

Why not fall on the head?

The picture is that there are many coconut trees in our country Coconut never falls on a man's head. It is always falling to the ground. In the village, many people are cultivating under the coconut trees.

Because those bonds are in the belief that the boat is on them. In general, if such a heavy bond falls on the scalp head is bound to commit. But if the coconut falls on anyone's head the adults say that the person will live for more than 100 years. Anyway, we have now said some interesting things.

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