John Titor Time Traveler and Aliens are exist or not

John Titor Between 2000 and 2001. the word John Titor was heard in news bulletins in the United States. Because it is rumored that John Titter has been doing time travel since the year 2036 and into the year 2000. He is said to have belonged to the American military. It was rumored that he had predicted what would happen in the future.

What he says is that there is a nuclear war in America. So. Private Investigators. Avery John Titter is an in-depth study. No details found. With that it was decided that all this was a hoax that there was no real John Titter. In 2009, research revealed that an entertainment lawyer in Florida co-created the character John Titter with his brother, computer scientist Mori.

There is no definitive answer to the question of whether or not the original John Titter existed. That is the mystery. The answer is likely to be available in 2036. Because John Titter was supposed to be back from time travel from the same year.

Some posts with the John Titter military symbol first appeared on the Time Travel Institute forums on November 2, 2000. None of them have the name John Titter. But time travel is zero (TimeTravel_0). Those posts include questions on what time travel is, whether it is possible, what time machine is needed for it and how it can work. Asked in posts to discuss it.

The name John Titter appeared on the screen in January 2001. When Art Bell was posting time travel zero posts on BBS forums the rule was that the name of the person who posted exactly what those posts should be. John Titter came to light. Posts by that name only appeared until March 2001. Back in 2003 the old posts were brought to the screen by various websites. Entwined articles on them. But it turned out that most of the posts shown in those articles were not original.

Did you do time travel?

In one of his online posts, John Titter claims to be an American soldier from 2036, his Tampa in Florida. He said that he was hired for a government time travel project that he sent the IBM 5100 computer to the wet 1975 period. He said that the computer should review the 1975 computer programs in 2036.

He said that the biggest problem for computers would be coming in 2038 and that an IBM 5100 computer would be needed to set it up. We can assume that the problem is similar to Y2K. That is why that year is called the UNIX year. IBM 5100 computer. works through APL, BASIC programming languages.

How about from 1975 to 2000?

He said that he was specially selected for this Unix project because his grandfather assembled and programmed 5,100 computers. On this occasio John. Titter explained some special features related to computer in his posts.

So I got the impression that there was a computer scientist behind those posts. John Titter, who had to go back to 1975, answered the question as to why he had moved into the year 2000. He said the photos of his family members were lost during the upcoming Civil War, so he came in 2000 to take them.

Are there aliens?

An online subscriber responded to the question of whether there were aliens on this occasion John Titter said that the answer to this question could not be found even in 2036. He said that he was interested in the people. He said that in the future after 2036 flying saucers (UFOs) could also go further into the future with time travel machines.

What a time machine looks like:

John Titter has said on some occasions what kind of time machine he got behind. That said, it is a stationary machine. He said it would temporarily move people from one place to another. He said there would be two spins on top of it and they would whirl. It also has 2 magnetic housing units, electron injection, cooling, x-ray venting system, gravity sensors, four cesium clocks and 3 computer units.

The False John Titter:

John Titter, who had told so many gossips, suddenly stopped posting. His mention ended in March 2001. After that the argument that the original John Titre did not exist was strengthened. So many people are still thinking that it is impossible to deny it completely.

It is believed that in 2036 John Titter will actually do time travel. Even knowing all this, there are those who say that the US government has not told the truth. Thus, this character remains a mystery.

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