Good News for Airtel, Geo, Vodafone, Idea Mobile Network Users

Are you using a mobile phone? There is good news for you. There is good news for you. Issued key directives to telecom companies. This can cause soreness in those who use the phone.

Telecom companies have recently lined up and gone on raising tariff prices. As a result, many mobile users are expected to switch from one company to another. It should be noted, however, that not all companies raise prices. But now some people are saying that BSNL plans are attractive.

In order for the SIM card to be ported, you will definitely need to send SMS. Type PORT, enter a space, enter a mobile number and send SMS to 1900. Now you have a UPS code. The company which is taking the SIM card should go to the retail store of that company and say this code. New SIM is given. Your number will change to the new company in 3-5 days.

However, if you want to send SMS to change the network, you need to have an SMS balance in your plan. Only then will the SMS go. Or not. For this you need to recharge again. This is causing harm to those who use mobile phones. SMS services are not available in some companies' entry level plans.

It is in this context that Troy has now issued key directives to telcos. Ordered to make the port out SMS facility immediately available to all mobile users. The facility should be available irrespective of the user tariff offer, voucher and plans.

Some telecom companies have eliminated the outgoing SMS facility in many prepaid plans. Geo also recently complained to Troy about the Vodafone Idea issue. It was during this sequence that Troy issued new orders. Troy explained that some subscribers complained that SIM portable SMS services were not available even though there was sufficient balance in the prepaid account. That is why it has now issued orders.

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