Trichakra App (Tricycle) Citizen app gives you the protection like Disha App

Temple City, Tirupati attracts devotees not only from all over the country but also from abroad. To go anywhere in the locality, one has to travel in an auto. With this, the police have launched a tricycle app for the special protection of the passengers. The police are assuring that this app will provide special protection to the passengers like the Disha app. Tirupati Urban SP Venkata Appala Naidu said, The city of Tirupati is a great shrine. Devotees from all over the country come here to pay homage to Lord Venkateshwara Swamy. Most of the people, especially women and youth in the city rely on autos. We have created this tricycle app to ensure that even the autos in the city have an identity in terms of safety. How to protect travelers with the app. In terms of security, this app provides the same security as Disha App. Passengers and women can be protected by this QR code scan in case of any unforeseen incidents while traveling in an auto. All you have to do is put QR code stickers on the front, inside and outside of each car. The police can inform them when it is noticed and urgent. In case of any mishap, the full details of the auto, driver/owner, auto number and location will be known as soon as the QR code in the auto is scanned. You can share auto details with police, parents, friends. What people have to do. - Download the Tricycle Citizen app from the Play Store. - Registration should be done with your name and mobile number. - Enter the registered mobile number and login through OTP validation. - If you click on the Nearby button, you can see the auto details near you on their phone number and mobile. You can call the auto driver of your choice and go where you want to go. QR scan procedure - Using the QR scanner in the Dashboard you need to scan the QR code on the passing auto. - You can save the passing auto details through QR scan procedure. You can share your location with your family and friends along the way. - In case of an accident, the police can also share your location with them. The police will take appropriate action for your protection after sharing. Things to do for auto drivers. - Auto drivers need to download the tricycle app from the Play Store and register with the name, mobile number and district details. - You can enter your mobile number and log in through OTP validation. - Documents including auto details and photos should be uploaded in the app after logging in. - Uploaded documents will be checked by the officers within the police station and a sticker with QR code will be issued after approval. - Then there is a button called Online/Offline on the screen. Pickups are more likely to be received by phoning nearby people if they are put in the green color online. Police duty. - After downloading the tricycle app from the Play Store, the police officer can enter his phone number and log in. - Auto and auto driver details are checked by QR scanner after login. - Auto details Auto driver mobile number.. Auto details are also checked by auto.

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