smartwatch can take photos and videos just like a smart mobile

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has recently decided to change the name of his Facebook company. He said the Facebook company name was no longer being changed to Meta. He said the new company had several future plans for development. As part of this, news is coming that the meta company is making a smartwatch (smartwatch). Tech experts are evaluating whether this smartwatch can take photos and videos just like a smart mobile. This is not to say that something is speculative. These smartwatch photos have been leaked. In these leaked photos we see a camera notch on the watch. With this camera it is possible to take front side photos and videos.

The meta smartwatch image was captured by app developer Steve Moser. Steve Moser is working as a developer on Ribbon Stories AR sunglasses. He said that in the future, watches can also be controlled with mirrors.

The Bloomberg Company first reported about this watch. We can see that this watch is similar to the same Apple Watch and has a larger display. They said they saw a meta company going to name it Milan (tech news).

Some say that this watch will have two cameras, as previously reported. Analysts predict that a detachable camera will be available for this watch. The front camera is said to be with 1,080p resolution. The smartwatch is expected to support the LTE network.

The meta watch has a square display, depending on the leaked images. Also, we can see the rounded corners in this watch. We can observe a camera at the top of the display. This watch looks like an Apple Watch device. Apple was the first to introduce this notch design on the iPhone X series phones. But now it has become common for notches to come out

So far we have had a wide variety of smartwatches available. But so far we do not have a camera notch in any watch. Tech lovers are very satisfied with the fact that the meta watch has a camera notch. The company did not say what specifications the watch will have. Moreover, if we look at the image, we can see that this watch has detachable straps.

It looks like this meta watch will be available next year. But it could not be confirmed. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the meta company will introduce new hardware next year. That means we will be able to see another innovation next year from the meta company along with this watch.

The meta smartwatch is already being compared by some tech professionals to Android and iOS devices. After the launch of the watch by the meta company, many tech lovers are of the opinion that it is sure to give a fierce competition to the Apple Watch.

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