NASA Alert Asteroid Will it collide with Earth?

It is common for asteroids to come and go frequently on Earth. Most asteroids are moving close to Earth. Some of them are burnt to the ground before they hit the ground, due to friction in the atmosphere. Others hit the ground directly but, they are very small. So no big damage happens. But if a large asteroid hits Earth. The damage will be very serious. It will continue for a few years. Dust and dirt get into the atmosphere the earth becomes polluted. 65 crores years ago something like this happened it is estimated that the giant lizards became extinct. Let's find out about the latest asteroid.

The American Space Research Organization (NASA) has issued an alert. The dangerous (potentially hazardous) 4660 Nereus asteroid is said to be coming towards Earth. It is described as coming closest to Earth in December. It is slightly larger than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Because it's one of the most dangerous asteroids NASA say people are worried about it. (Eiffel Tower sized the asteroid)

Will it hit the ground?

The asteroid is 330 meters long (1082 feet). It will come close to Earth on December 11th. It is coming at a speed of 6.58 kilometers per second. This means that the asteroid can fly from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam in less than 90 seconds. So NASA is not sure if it will hit the earth, or not it has caused some doubt. So when it comes close to Earth, this asteroid ... is 38 million kilometers away. That is to say, it is a long way off. But in space calculations it's a short distance. If this asteroid goes as NASA predicts it will have no chance of hitting Earth. Otherwise on the way to it any asteroid will come from the side and collide its root will change if it comes towards the earth then it is dangerous. Suppose that does not happen.

NASA is focusing more on this as it is a dangerous asteroid. This is especially observed on a daily basis. NASA scientists may not have peace of mind until it comes and goes calmly.

The same asteroid again coming closer to Earth on 2060 Valentine’s Day. Then its distance is only 11,98,961 lakh kilometers. I mean there will be even more tension then than there is now.

What did NASA say? NASA says asteroids are less likely to hit Earth now than they were hundreds of years ago. But small rocks continue to hit the ground every day big ones rarely collide.

Since 1968, NASA has observed more than a thousand dangerous asteroids by radar. Currently, NASA has all the asteroid routes, maps, size, shape all ready. Therefore, most asteroids cannot escape from the NASA eye.

NASA has identified 27,323 asteroids coming to Earth via telescopes. 9,886 of them are asteroids larger than 140 meters (459 feet). Any of them are OK there are chances of them hitting the ground in the next hundred years.

Even though NASA is looking like this sometimes even some asteroids are escaping from NASA. NASA detects when they come close to Earth and leave. This situation is because there is no light in space. Everything is dark. In addition, asteroids emit less sunlight. On top of that they are small. Hence, it is becoming harder to find them. Anyhow the asteroid coming on December 11th come and go calmly.

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