Vishnu Manchu and the panel won a resounding victory in this year’s Movie Artist Association election

Vishnu Manchu was elected President of ‘Maa’ in the Pota competition. Also, his panel members have been successful in key positions. The Prakash Raj panel was defeated. Vishnu Manchu spoke to the media after the victory. "I keep saying that I will win from the beginning. Like I said, our panel was a solid success. I am happy with the success achieved. I'm feeling amazing. Wonderful days are coming for ‘us.’ The industry is the success of those who think they are mine. What I thought was defeat.

All our family members have come together and taught a lesson to all those who feel proud of me. I will implement the manifesto mentioned before the elections one hundred percent. I will discuss it with everyone after taking the oath. The industry is awesome if you think about it. This is the success of those who think so. " Analysts believe that Vishnu, who was very cool before the elections, seems to have indirectly warned his mega family.

Because Prakash Raj has been supporting the panel from the front with Mega Brother Nagababu. Every step was taken by the critics one step further. With this, everyone thought that the mega family support was Prakash Rajke. Vishnu descended into the snow and proceeded with the plan. Cine has garnered the support of adults as well as won the trust of our members. That is why the Vishnu ice panel was a huge success.

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