Akhil akkineni most eligible bachelor Movie review

What is new in love stories Same girl Same boy Same love Same conflicts Meetings and separations. The greater the emotions that stretch between all these, it becomes such a great love story. Love-marriage can be two-letter words. The directorial talent lies in serving this love taste in a balanced way and watching it without getting bored. The confusion of marriage continues in everyone's life. The question of what's next remains. The most eligible quality for a successful guardian after marriage is Many people say that it is ‘adjustable.’ But how much do we lose in that adjustment What is the Most Eligibility to stand the bond of marriage? That's the most eligible bachelor story.

Director Bommarillu Bhaskar has a good soul in love stories. Involve in the story in great depth and write the script. It may not make sense to everyone but, if you can hold that soul, the sweet memories that touch the mind will feel like eyes before you. will be connected to the story somewhere. Bhaskar, who showed the same mark in films like Bommarillu and Orange, was blindfolded by the emotions in Love and Relationship through the film 'Most Eligible Bachelor'. Eligibility is not only for marriage. Marriage is not about getting along. It is about living with understanding and the beautiful romance in it is wonderfully shown. Romance has a new meaning for those who see it as a whore.

What are the expectations in married life? Taking good care of the wife good house big family children assets nothing more? It’s a story of confusion that stems from the director’s anger at how much we are missing out on.

Harsha (Akhil) the 'Most Eligible Bachelor' with mad clarity on marriage, settles in America. Everthing furnishes a nice house for the fiance. He is ready for 20 marriages and marries anyone in 20 days and comes to India for marriage to go back to America. While watching each wedding. Vibha (Pooja Hegde) falls in love with the photo. However, Harsha's parents cancel the marriage with Vibha as the horoscopes are not mixed. However, Harsha, who has been in full clarity on marriage till then, finds out through Vibha that married life should have eligibility along with the actual marriage. Takes care of differential distances in unpredictable situations? How did Vibha-Harsha meet again? What are the conflicts encountered in the context of love-marriage? The rest is the story of how Harsha achieved the desired eligibility for married life.

Akkineni fans are hoping that Akhil will become a big hero. Akhil, Hello, Mr. Majnu, all three films have been misfired and all hopes have been placed on the 'Most Eligible Bachelor'.

Directors like VV Vinayak, Vikram K Kumar and Venky Atuluri have not been able to take Akhil to the next level with their directing talent. Stopped near Sisindri. Although fire looks like Akhil in acting. they could not bring out the perfect actor in him. The Akkineni family will always have loyal fans. With this, Bommarillu Bhaskar shouldered the responsibility of creating this ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ image. Bommarillu Bhaskar, who promised to bring Akhil closer to the Telugu audience through this film, kept his word with this film.

Akhil is doing fights, dancing doing romantic songs, everything is fine however, Akhil has been in soul searching for the last two and a half years. However, he chose a good soul story with the film 'Most Eligible Bachelor'. Harsha did full justice to the character. Akhil has vowed not to sleep until the fans trust him. It may be a bit relaxing after this movie but, it is difficult to go into full sleep. Akhil believes in the story and honestly made the film.

Hasini character Bommarillu Bhaskar's eldest daughter's name in the movie Bommarillu. Also Vibha's name in this movie is his little daughter's name. However, the character of Hasini is remembered by Jelinia.

Marrying without love and hurting each other. They adjust to enduring that pain. There is a lot to be lost in this adjustment. Husbands and wives do not live side by side Living close. Vibha (Pooja Hegde) a girl who knows how to live like that. Pooja Hegde's performance as Vibhavari as a stand-up comedian entertains everyone. The directors matched up with Pooja showing her thighs. However Bhaskar could not leave her Thai beauties but gave good character to her character in the story. In fact he gave more priority to the heroine role than the hero role. In a way the hero character

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