Sai Dharam Tej and deva katta republic movie Republic review

Devakotta, who entertained the audience with his film 'Vennela' and became well known as a director, later caught everyone's attention with his film 'Prasthanam'. The film opens with the story of how a man accidentally changes his journey. It was given a political touch. He later directed the film 'Autonomous Sun' in which he said that man should live independently with an idea and that no intelligent South should want to be intelligent. Later, his remake movie in Telugu became Dynamite Disaster.

Fifteen years later, the Telugu movie 'Republic' was made by Deva Katta Saitej as the hero. What should be the current political system, bureaucratic system, judiciary. Let's find out how these three systems impress the ‘Republic’ audience, which is designed to convey how society can suffer if one of them slips. A few days before the release of the film, hero Saitej was injured in a bike accident and is being treated at a hospital. In this, Tej appeared as an IAS officer. How did you impress in this role? Does Republic movie impress the audience? Or not? Let's go into the story of the movie to know the things.


Son of Panja Abhiram (Saitej) Deputy Collector Dasharath (Jagapathibabu). MS wants to study and go to America. Someone is rigging his vote in an MLA election. Abhiram clashes with Collector Vijaykumar (Subbaraju) to stop the election in that polling. But after talking to Vijay Kumar, he changed his mind and became a collector by writing UPSC exams. Visakha Vani (Ramyakrishna) party comes to power. Her son Vishnuvardhan becomes the Chief Minister. Being the ruling party, the bullies rule the state. Freshwater lake Thaleru is polluted due to the fish industry of Visakhapatnam.

The fish are dying. Some people develop neurological diseases. The NRI who did the research on this goes unnoticed. Abhiram gets acquainted with his younger sister Myra (Aishwarya Rajesh). The state government is not allowed to transfer the affidavit due to the special power given by the central government. With this, Abiram manages his responsibilities as an honest collector. Visakha Vani encounters a rowdysheeter attribute (boxer day) like the right hand. As a result of the Visakha Vani fish industry, he wants to address the problem of farmers committing suicide as well as the problem of polluted mothers coming to a fresh water lake. What kind of problems does Abiram face in this sequence? Did Abhiram win over Visakhavani in the end? Or not? You have to watch a movie to know the things.


In our democracy, the political system, the executives, the judiciary are the three horses. Only when these three are in place will justice be done to the people. But director Deva Katta tried to say that the political system itself was a powerful system and that the system was fragmented by wanting to control the other two systems. His premiere showed more of a political background in Republican cinema than the political drama shown in Autonomous Sun films. From the beginning of the film to the end, the film was taken at a tempo. Powerful dialogues are written as appropriate. Ramyakrishna - The scene about the society between Saitej, the emotional track between Saitej court scene, Jagapathibabu and Saitej.

For the people, some of the IAS officers who tried to expose the injustices that were taking place were killed. Devakatta wrote this story inspired by such people. The hero Saitej performed well as an actor. Settle on the role of a young collector. And Aishwarya Rajesh's role is limited. She did justice to her role.

Ramyakrishna, who played the main role in the film, played the role so well that he could not do anything else. The shades she portrays in her performance as a political leader and the dialogues she utters are no doubt captivating to the audience. An emotional angle appears in the role of Jagapathibabu. He also acted nicely for his role. Boxer Day, Rahul Ramakrishna, Aam Aadmi and others impressed in their respective roles.

The two songs in the film, composed by Mani Sharma, also appear to be part of the story. The other two songs are heard in the background. These are not impressive. However, as always, Manisharma provided good background music in his own style. Sukumar's cinematography is good. However, the film continues in the series mode. Audiences who want to enjoy a commercial movie may not like it.

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