Forests in the sky .. Singapore Company Mind Blowing Plan.!

If there is a challenge in front of us if its deadline is approaching we must not run. Do something and find a solution to the challenge. Currently, the situation in Singapore is the same. All the coastal cities in the world are at risk of future sea water threats. Singapore, a small country, is on the list. Actually the city has less land. How can people and animals live if what exists is also reduced? The same has now become a challenge for the architecture companies of that country. Thinking about how to build a new city with all the amenities on less land a variety of concepts are coming to the screen.

Preference for the animal:

WOHA, a leading architectural firm in Singapore, has come up with a new plan to transform Singapore by 2100. Positive response is coming to this plan. In this, along with human beings, biological mass is also given equal priority. There is also a plan to completely reduce air pollution. Not only that the plan is to grow forests vertically not only on land but also on buildings. That makes you feel like there are forests in the sky. Every building is filled with greenery.

Accident weather:

The United Nations Climate Report says that if global temperatures are not lowered by 2050, life will be difficult for humans and animals. With that in mind, all the countries of the world, including India, have started efforts to reduce the heat. Singapore has been disciplined in this regard from the beginning. The country is ready to make the future more beautiful.

Change is good:

Most cities in the world today are full of pollution. Plastic garbage has increased. Drainage problems do not count. Except for the cities by name, there is no healthy climate. That's why Singapore architecture companies want to embrace the latest ideas. They want radical changes in the cities with the latest in eco-friendly infrastructure.

In all buildings:

Singapore is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Even during the corona the country continued to explode. In the future, WOHA plans to have parks and children's playgrounds not only on the ground but also in buildings. As well as giving preference to public traveling over own vehicles. The plan is to have travel underground, in the middle of buildings, on top of buildings, across the ocean. The plan is to have travel underground, in the middle of buildings, on top of buildings, across the ocean.

The worms are done without infection. Part of the plan is to make fresh fruits and vegetables available to the public. There are architectural designs that make people feel in nature even when they are in buildings. If the Singapore government gives the green light to this plan the creators say the future will be bright.

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