What happens if the oceans on Earth disappear?

Up to 70 percent of the earth is water. The remaining 30 percent are our continents. 450 million years old, the first living thing on Earth was born in the oceans. After that some of them got into the habit of coming to earth and living on earth. Frogs, snakes and turtles can live in water and on land. It would take a few lakhs of years for water to seep into the oceans on such a land. If we put a pump the size of a cricket stadium into the ground to pump that water in it would take a few million years for the water to go underground. Otherwise, if the water in the whole ocean disappears in a minute then let us know what happens.

Problem for ships:

When the water in the seas is eaten the first to face this problem is the swimmers, sailors and passengers on the cruise ships. All of these take precedence. Within seconds of the water disappearing the swimmers fall directly into the sand of the seabed. Ships also fall into the sea and explode. Large ships like the Titanic crash into the sand in the seabed in 30 seconds Like all ships explode in a minute.

What about fish?

Whenever there is water all the fish, dolphins and whales in the sea die. Even if the turtles live they too will soon die. All areas where the seas are located look like deserts. Due to the extinction of the tuna, there are some types of plants, human waste plastic waste and plastic bottles. As well as parts of broken vessels are on display. All the ships that have been wrecked on the seabed for centuries are now visible.

Temperature rise:

The seas are cooling the earth's atmosphere. They absorb heat from the sun. If they don't that heat will come to earth. Hence, temperatures on Earth will rise. The result is a change in the Earth's climate. In some places it turns into a very hot desert, in some places his cold turns into Antarctica. Nowhere will humans be able to survive. Looks like live hell.

Rivers ate:

Clouds are formed by the oceans. They come to earth and it rains. Ponds and rivers are overflowing. Whenever the seas disappear the clouds subside from that moment. It does not rain. As if 97 percent had no water. The 3 percent of water in rivers also dries up. It is not enough for humans, animals, trees, tuna. Within a few days, both humans and animals will die. Plants live for a few weeks, after which they also die from hot winds. Within a few months the forests will be completely gone.


In a few years there will be no life on earth. Forests are being burned. The earth gradually turns into a fireball. Oxygen on the earth will continue to decrease. Even if humans could still survive they would not be able to breathe. Humans Will not receive oxygen.Humans Can't stand the burning end. Food is not available. Gradually the Earth also becomes like Venus. So the seas give life to this earth. They are the basis for the survival of all living things. It is everyone's responsibility to protect them.

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