Unknown Facts About Rhinos

World Rhino Day 2021: We celebrate World Rhino Day on September 22 every year. There are five main types of rhinoceroses. They are black and white rhinos from Africa, greater one-horned, Asian found in Sumatra, Java, Indonesia. Today the nations of the world are raising awareness among the people on rhinos. Indicate what steps need to be taken to protect those found in Africa and Asia in particular.

These creatures have two horns, those of Africa and Sumatra. India and Java have the same horn. In 2010 the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in South Africa declared World Rhinoceros Day. It has been recognized since 2011. This year's theme is Keep the Five Alive. And let us know the details of these peaceful creatures.


Rhinos do not move big. Wherever there is grass they eat. But these are brilliant. The horn grows from their nose. Hence, they are called rhinoceros. Which means nose horn. In fact it is not as bony as ivory. The hairs turn into horns. As such this horn is not soft. Drying with a horn is life threatening.


These are some of the largest animals in the world. White rhinos are the largest of the five species growing to 1.8 meters in length. Rhino Can weigh up to 2,500 kg. That is equal to the weight of 30 people. Because they are heavy do not hunt other animals. These are herbivores. They like to eat grass and plants. They feed at sunset and at night. During the day it is sunny and hot, so they sleep. The mud is soaked in water to keep it cool. They like mud. This is because their skin does not tolerate the sun. Also the worms protect the skin from being bitten by mud.

Lonely life:

They do not live in groups like elephants. Prefer to be alone. So of these, white rhinos live in groups. This group is called a crash. The crash involves female rhinos and their young. Once upon a time there was a herd of female rhinos. They are called cows. A group of male rhinos is called bulls. Rhinos only get close when they want to breed. The rest of the time is the same way. These set boundaries. They urinate to warn that this place is mine. With that no other rhinoceros can enter beyond that urine. Each rhinoceros dung smells different.

Like birds:

If you ever see rhinos on a ride you will see a bird tail on them. These birds are very fond of them. Because they eat mosquitoes, flies and insects like rhinos. So if the birds are with them the rhinos will fail like a mosquito net. Rhino's skin is very dull. Most of the worms hide in that skin. They often sting. Lifting them is not because of the rhino. That is why the help of birds comes together. On top of that if any dangerous beast is coming towards them these birds will scream and run away. With that, the rhinoceros also knows the thing. Rhino Will be alerted immediately.

Fear is high:

Although rhinos are strong animals to watch, they are feared. No beasts want to attack these. These are all animals friendly. Do not harm anything. When frightened by the sight of any beast these rhinos attack hard when they think it is life threatening anymore. So such a case is very rare. Although they are heavy they can run at a speed of 55 kilometers per hour.

Rare creatures:

Currently, there are only 29,000 rhinos in the world. In the 20th century, the number was around 500,000. They are being hunted illegally for their horns. These horns are used in the manufacture of various medicines in Asian countries. Rhino's Are dying for the horn. With no horns to protect them those rhinos are dying.

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