Saidabad murder incident I can't imagine the pain Mahesh Babu's consciousness
It is known that netizens have been angry with the media for the last few days. Sai Dharam Tej The media covering the accident. Netizens have been uniting that they will not respond if a six-year-old child is raped. Celebrities are also slowly responding to the incident. Today, Manoj visited the victim's family. Such a monster should be hanged immediately. Manchu Manoj asked everyone to take care of him anywhere.

Recently, superstar Mahesh Babu responded. Mahesh Babu immediately responds to such incidents. Mahesh Babu, who is socially conscious. Respond to such unruly events in the society. Mahesh Babu reacts to the latest Saida Bad incident and gets emotional. ‘This atrocity on a six-year-old child is a reminder of how deteriorating conditions in society are. Are our children actually safe? That should remain a question forever! I can't imagine how much grief the child's family is now in, said Mahesh, who became very emotional.

Saidabad: A six-year-old girl was allegedly raped and murdered by a man named Raju in Singareni Colony, Saidabad. However, the accused was on the run after the incident. Hyderabad police have announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh for those who locate the accused king. It was clarified on this occasion that the details of those who revealed the whereabouts of the accused will be kept confidential.

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