Is snake blood the secret to her beauty? This is the reaction of senior hero Anil Kapoor.

Bollywood senior actor Anil Kapoor already knows how fit he is. However, he recently participated in a show and revealed his glamor secret. He reacted curiously to the question of whether drinking snake blood was the reason for his beauty.

Anil Kapoor style separation among Bollywood senior actors. He has acted in over 100 films and has made a name for himself in the industry. Many movies starring him are still trend setters. However, even after the age of sixty. Anil Kapoor is maintaining the same beauty. However, there are already many doubts among the fans about his glamor secret. Fans often ask Anil what he does to stay so fit.

If you look at the actual Anil fitness. even the current boy heroes seem to stumble. With such a muscular body, he gives a tough competition to the young heroes. In the meanwhile, though. he has become more stylish. However, he recently took part in a talk show hosted by another Bollywood hero Arbaaz Khan. On this occasion, actor Anil Kapoor revealed many interesting things about his fitness. In this show, Arbhaj listened to the questions asked by the fans to know the secrets of Anil Kapoor's fitness.

One of the fans asked, "Is drinking snake blood the reason you look so beautiful? Another asked, "When do you keep a plastic surgeon with you?" Anil Kapoor was shocked to hear these questions. He joked that they really asked or did you give them money? He then revealed his fitness secret. Exercising every day eating a healthy diet is the reason he is like this, he said. If there are 24 hours in a day, at least one hour for our body why not allocate it for health, he said.

Hero Gopichand Citimar telugu full movie review :

We do not want to do any great work for women's empowerment. It is enough to stand up for the girls around me. The movie 'Citimar' directed by Sampath Nandi with Gopichand as the hero takes a point that a good society is formed. The film, which was supposed to be released sometime, was delayed for almost a year due to Kovid. After the Second Wave, Vinayaka Chaviti came into the theaters just as the way to the theaters was paved. To what extent did Citimar impress the audience? Is there really a movie that will blow the whistle with the audience? Let's go into the movie story to know the things.

Story: Karthi (Gopichand), who works as an assistant manager at Andhra Bank in a village called Kadium near Rajahmundry, gives combative training to students at the Ramakrishna Memorial School, founded by his father, in the evenings. Phaneendra (Rao Ramesh) , one of the Kadium Brothers, closes his rice mill because he did not get the loan properly.

Phanindra's daughter (Digangana Suryavanshi) likes Karti. The girls coached by Karthi will be selected for the Nationals Kabaddi competition. Even if the parents of the girls do not agree, Saha leaves for Delhi with the team, promising that they will not be harmed and that they will stand firm like an uncle. At the same time, another girls' kabaddi team from Telangana is coming for the Nationals. It was coached by Jwala Reddy (Thamanna).

Jwalareddy hates him for being angry that Karthi did not love him even though he loved her. On the other hand, Karti's older sister Bhumi (Bhumika) means life. Her husband (Rahman) is an IPS officer. Manik Singh (Tarun Arora), a police constable in Ghaziabad, escapes and is arrested if he wants to be encountered. Manik Singh from jail. Karti attacks Akka and Baval. Then, inevitably, someone kidnaps Karti's Kabaddi team in Delhi for their work. Who are they? Why kidnap? What did they ask Karti? If you want to know the things, you have to watch the movie.


In general, sports backdrop movies in Telugu are very rare. However, there are only two or three films on Kabaddi. It was against this backdrop that director Sampath Nandi launched the film 'Citimar' as a pakka commercial entertainer based on a sport called Kabaddi.

Girls need to step up in all areas. Director Sampath Nandi has incorporated commercial elements while touching on the subject of sports in particular. Gopichand has an image as an action hero. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Occasionally ‘Character decides the dress size that moms wear in our country ‘Men in our country are dying for sixty years. The females have been dying for sixty years.

But dialogues like "My society kills them in their twenties" reinforce the scenes. The Hero team reaches the finals in Fastoff. If the story thinks there is going to be more, it takes a small turning point right there. The hero collides with the main villain. The villain reaches the climax with scenes such as the villain kidnapping the hero's team and threatening to do something.

The hero finds his team and frees them Kills the villain At the same time, the scenes where the originals win or the team wins are impressive. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Soundar Rajan's cinematography adds more strength to the scenes.

The title track is good with songs provided by Manisharma music. Apsara Rani Special Song are good. There is no love track between the hero and the heroine. It is better not to talk about it. The audience has no comedy elements except for one or two comedy scenes in Fastoff. Sister sentiment of the hero is not so connecting.

Gopichand carried the film Asantham Thanai on his shoulders. He did one hundred percent justice to his character. The entry will be forty minutes after the opening of the movie Tamanna. She is not a glamor role Jwalareddy looked a bit glamorous in the song. Not to mention her character anymore. The character of the descending Surya Vamsi is very small.

Something the second heroine has intentionally put out. If Rao Ramesh's dialogues in the first half harvest the villain In the second half, Tarun Arora is impressed with the villain. Progress in the role of the mother of the hero, the characters of Annapurnamma and the gang in the roles of those around him are impressed with the comedy of couscous. No matter the character of Posani, there is nothing to say except for two, three scenes. Audiences who want to watch a sports, action mix commercial movie can watch the movie

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