How to reduce hair fall

Females are happy to do whatever it takes to make their hair look beautiful. Because of the beauty of the sheep the total beauty of the females increases. Therefore, women pay more attention to hair. One of the issues plaguing women right now is the issue of hair straightening. Let's learn how to straighten your hair at home using simple tips.

Eggs, using olive oil.

Eggs and olive oil can also be used to straighten hair. Here is how it works.

What do you want?

Two eggs Three tablespoons of olive oil

Prep time

Two minutes.

Consumption of this powder in wheat flour reduces sugar.

Processing time


Method of preparation

Take two eggs, three tablespoons of olive oil and crack the eggs and pour into a bowl as mentioned earlier. Mix the egg yolks and the olive oil in a bowl. Then shake the two ingredients well.

This mixture should be applied to your hair. One thing to keep in mind before applying. Apply only after the mixture is well mixed. It is not advisable to apply the mixture to the hair before mixing well.

Apply the olive oil mixture to the hair and leave it on for about an hour. Keeping the mixture on the hair for an hour like this will take the mixture completely to the hair.

After an hour, rinse the mixture with cold water. Wash hair thoroughly with a sulfate-free shampoo.

When to apply

Once a week.


How does it work?

Applying a mixture of eggs and olive oil to the hair makes many people doubt how the hair can be made smooth. Everyone is skeptical of how it actually works on our hair. But this mixture works wonderfully on our hair. This is because many types of proteins are hidden in eggs. These give high smoothness to our hair. They also help to straighten and soften our hair. Olive oil is a very wonderful hair conditioner. So applying these two compounds together on our hair makes our hair very smooth. It also looks very pretty to look at. There will be no problem of complications. The procedure is also very simple. So it is very easy to try this method at home.

With milk and honey.

What do you want Cup Milk Two tablespoons honeys (honey).

Prep time Two minutes Processing time Two hours


Take honey and milk as mentioned above and mix them well. Some people apply the mixture to the hair before the honey and milk are properly mixed. But there is no point in doing so. So mix those two ingredients carefully.

The mixture should be applied to the hair to cover it completely.

Leave on for about two hours after applying. By doing this the mixture will fit our hair completely.

After two hours we should wash our hair with cold water. One thing to keep in mind when washing. That is we need to make sure that the shampoo we use to wash our hair is sulfate free.

For how many days?

Once a week

Here's how it works.

Does applying a mixture of milk and honey to the hair make the hair smooth and soft? Many people think that. Many also question how it works. This mixture smoothes the hair wonderfully. Because it is possible because of the presence of milk in this mixture. Milk contains a wide variety of proteins. These proteins nourish our hair and make it strong from the scalp. Applying honey also makes the hair look very smooth. The moisturizer in it helps to smooth the hair like never before. Like these two blends of blends make your hair without tangles. Applying this mixer to the hair makes the hair very smooth and shiny. After using this method to make your hair smooth, someone will look at your hair and wow.

Using Rice Flour and Egg Mask.

What do you want

One egg white One cup Fuller's Earth One cup Fuller's Earth Cup Milk. Prep time.

Five minutes Processing time.

An hour


This process requires more materials than all the approaches we discussed earlier. Therefore, all materials must be carefully supplied. Most people do not refer to this procedure as it requires more ingredients. Take all these ingredients in a bowl and mix well. The mixture is made smooth. (You can also add more milk to the mixture if needed. Therefore, all materials must be carefully supplied. Adding more fuller earth makes the mixture very thin.

The mixture should be applied to your hair as a whole.

After applying it, leave our hair completely for an hour.

After an hour, rinse the hair with cold water to remove the mixture.

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