Do Kalabhairava special puja you can pass MBBS KNOW FULL STORY

The incident where scammer overwhelmed a lady doctor in the belief that he would worship and pass the exam came to light in Hyderabad. Police rushed to the scene with the victim's complaint.

What to do if you want to pass the exams? Study well. However, some students put a little burden on God as save lord in the exams while they are studying. But an MBBS graduate from Hyderabad completely believed in fake saint. She blindly believed his words as if he would pass exams with mantras. He was offered a large sum of money, worshiped and told that he would pass the exam. However, she did not realize that she had been deceived even though she had failed twice. Eventually crying turned to the police. The incident took place in gachibowli area of Hyderabad.

A 41-year-old woman from West Bengal is currently staying in Kondapur. She completed her MBBS abroad in 2011 and returned home. Graduates which have completed MBBS abroad need to pass the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) exam to practice with us. However, she failed the test despite writing it several times. It was during this sequence that her sister came across an interesting post on Facebook every day.

It says that if Swamiji worships ‘Biswajit Jha’, he can easily pass any test. She immediately searched for Swamiji's Facebook account and left a message. There was an immediate response from the other side. She explained to Swamiji about the trouble her sister was going through. Swamiji explained to her that there were horoscope errors. that is why this was happening.

Unable to believe her, she gave her sister number to Swamiji. Swamiji's disciples contacted the victim and found out the full details. She took a photo of the hall ticket and posted it on WhatsApp. She transferred Rs 21,500 online after being told that it would cost some to do the puja.

She did not pass the exam in December last year after performing the puja. He told the same thing to Swamiji that there was an error in the puja and this time he proposed to perform 'Kalabhairava special puja'. She sent the money back as she was sure that the puja would pass with the highest marks. Thus, a total of Rs 80 thousand was sent in several installments.

She also texted Swamiji on Facebook as to why she did not pass the written exams this year. Gatchibauli complained to the police, realizing that she had been deceived by the lack of response from the other side, no matter how many messages were sent. Police who registered a case on the incident initially concluded that several highly educated people were trapped in this Swamiji trap. Police rushed to the scene to nab Katugadi with the bank account details of the victim's money transfer to Swamiji.

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