Ganesh immersion in Hyderabad on the 19th .. Tension among the officers with the orders of the High Court
It has been officially decided to hold the immersion of Ganesh in the Hyderabad metropolis on the 19th of this month. The day ended with the Ganesh Utsava Samiti also agreeing to the government's proposal. The immersion was originally scheduled to take place on the 20th. After that it was thought what it would be like to perform on the 21st. It was finally decided to take over on that day as it was getting better as per the date next Sunday (19th).

Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar on Monday held a review with senior police officials on the arrangements for Ganesh's immersion. It is advised to be careful so that no untoward incidents take place anywhere. Additional forces have already reached the city, he said.

While the immersion was planned to take place in Hussain Sagar, the High Court ordered that the PVP idols should not be added to the Sagar within hours of the end of the meeting. With this, changes will be made in the provisioning plan in line with the latest government directives, CP said. It is hoped that adding some of the statues to the local pools before the main immersion will ease the pressure of the day.

GHMC, on the other hand, has begun arrangements for the immersion of clay Ganeshas throughout the Greater. The Baldia authorities took action to that effect after the High Court on Tuesday reiterated that there was no change in the orders given not to immerse the PWP Ganapatis in ponds and Hussain Sagar. Cranes will be set up at immersion centers, yard swimmers and immersion waste disposal staff will be assigned. It was clarified that only clay statues would be allowed for immersion.

KCR Sarkar good news for AP employees

The state government has given good news to AP employees and officials working in Telangana. Orders were issued on Monday allowing him to go on permanent transfer to Andhra Pradesh. The orders said the AP had informed the government that it had no objection to the government taking over the transfer of employees here. It has made it clear that only those with pending disciplinary action and vigilance cases will have this opportunity.

The government has issued directives on the rules to be followed by employees and officers for permanent transfers. The secretaries of all the departments along with the secretariat made it clear that it should be implemented. Employees are advised to apply for the transfer within the next 15 months. After the partition of the state, many employees and officials in Telangana want the Telangana government to allow them to go to the AP.

Initially, the Andhra Pradesh government allowed some under deputation and inter-state transfers. At a recent meeting chaired by the CM KCR‌ discussed the matter and approved their permanent transfer. Chief Secretary to the Government Somesh Kumar has recently issued orders in this regard.

Earlier in Telangana, the retirement age was 58 years and most of the applications were received from employees seeking transfer to AP. Recently the retirement age here has risen to 61 years. Government sources say that in this context, it is possible to see how many employees will be allowed to make permanent transfers.

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