Another screamer in the city touching a minor girl indecently

screamer following the schoolgirl. He would harass her if she appeared alone. Locals handed her over to the crush police after she allegedly had misbehaved by touching her private parts.

Defendant in police custody The murder of a six-year-old girl in Saidabad's Singareni colony has already sparked another uproar in the city. The affair of the human beast who closes his eyes with lust and does not leave his nipples exposed. Locals crushed the dog and handed it over to the police. Details of this incident which came to light recently in Hyderabad. screamer following a minor girl from Uppuguda Rajiv Nagar Colony, Chhatrinaka Police Station area in Patabasti. Details of this incident which came to light recently in Hyderabad. He committed the heinous act of touching her private parts. The girl, who could not bear the recent increase in his harassment, told her parents.

Locals who observed the girl being harassed handed over the young man to the crush police. Scenes of the girl touching private parts and behaving indecently were recorded on CCTV. The police who registered the case examined the CCTV footage and collected evidence. The case is under investigation.

Encounter Patience, Minister Malla Reddy sensation :

Minister Malla Reddy, who has become a hot topic by challenging the Opposition, once again made sensational remarks. He reacted strongly to the tragic incident of a six-year-old girl in Saidabad.

The case of rape and murder of a six-year-old girl in Saidabad Singareni Colony has become a sensation. There is outrage over the incident in which a tribal girl was brutally murdered. Labor Minister Malla Reddy has reacted to criticism that ministers and MLAs have not at least visited the victim's family to date. The minister was outraged that the murder of a child was horrific. Said to encounter the accused.

He was responding to criticism that the victim's family had not been consulted. The minister said that the victims must be consulted, and they will be well cared for. Minister Malla Reddy clarified that the accused will be caught, the voice will not be released and the voice will be encountered.

The victim's family will be consulted, and compensation will be provided. The Minister also made interesting remarks on the Dalit Bandhu scheme. He said that Dalit kinship would come to all Dalits and tribals. He said to have a little patience. The minister's remarks became a sensation in the wake of demands coming in to encounter the accused.

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