Gmail: Gmail Super Record .. as the fourth app .. what are the three apps before that ..
Google ( the Google ) of the Mail Service Gmail ( the Gmail ) used by billions of people around the world. It continues to be the most popular mail service. Also the use of Android phones has increased. As a result, many people are using Gmail on their mobile phones. Besides sending and receiving emails, it can also be used to sync contacts, photos, files and more on mobile. Also, you need to have Gmail on your phone to use YouTube, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Drive. This makes Gmail a must-have on every Android phone. Gmail received a rare milestone in this regard.

Created a Gmail record in the Google Play Store. The latest 1000 crore (10 billion) installments mark has been crossed. With this, Gmail became the fourth app to achieve this feat. Before Gmail, Google Play Services app, YouTube and Google Maps alone crossed the 1000 crore install mark.

The Gmail app for Android phones was released in 2004. This app is the default preloaded app on all Android phones from then on. The Gmail app is also important for using productivity apps on mobile.

However, Google's alternative to the Gmail app is also one of the reasons for the delay in the Gmail 10 billion installments milestone. The Gmail app is a bit late at the 1000 crore mark due to the presence of the Gmail Inbox app and the Gmail Lite app. Even the most popular Google Chrome is likely to cross the 10 billion mark soon.

The Google Android app has many features besides mail services. Google Meets, Google Calendars, Google Contacts. Also Gmail has a new feature recently. It has 5 seconds and 30 seconds time frame to undo the sent mail. By setting this time .. you can withdraw the mail sent by Aloha (UNDO) if desired.

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