Virus Diavol: Warning New virus for computers by mail. Risk of losing money. How to prevent?

Warning to those who use computers. Cybercriminals are booming with a new type of virus. They are taking control of computers by spreading this new ransomware through e-mails. The Central Government has warned on the matter. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued an alert on this Diavol virus. How does this virus actually come? What happens to the computer when it comes. How cybercriminals rob money.

The whole computer is taken over by the cybercriminals by introducing the Diavol virus. Important files are also captured. After that, they are blackmailed. If you do not send the required amount of money, the files will be deleted. The computer will not work.

How Diavol Ransomware Comes...

CERT-In reports that the Diavol virus is being transmitted via email. Cybercriminals first send a link to OneDrive. If the computer user clicks on that link, an LNK or DLL file containing the ISO file will be downloaded. If the LNK file is open, that's all. This Diavol virus enters the computer. The entire computer goes under the control of cybercriminals.

What happens after a virus infection

Cybercriminals can operate on a victim's computer after they have been infected with the Diavol virus. Information in the system. This ransomware transfers. As well as stops the running process. User. Encrypt any files without the possibility of backup. Also, delete shadow copies. After that, the desktop will be locked. Wallpaper with ransomware message will appear on the screen.

How to prevent.

It is a good idea to update your computer operating system and software to avoid being infected with the Diavol virus. Also, be sure to scan all incoming mail. No exceptions should be made in terms of security. Suspicious links should not be clicked. Also, files should not be downloaded through those links. Also, network segmentation is another method.


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