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Microsoft has introduced the long awaited Windows 11 version of the Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft is giving us new security features in this new operating system that we have never seen before. So the data in our system are more secure. Many people are currently using the Windows 10 operating system. Many people are confused as to how to switch to Windows 11, the new operating system. Such people can easily learn how to upgrade to Windows 11 operating system by reading this article.

The start menu in Windows 11 is very attractive. This Start menu has a multi-tasking feature. We can download the latest version of Windows from the Microsoft Store or other types of widgets.

The iconic company Microsoft is looking to put a slow end to its old operating system, Windows 10. Microsoft has already started work on this. Introduce Windows 11 Power, discontinuing Windows 10. Microsoft is looking to slowly get users around the world accustomed to this new operating system. Microsoft will soon be launching Windows 11 Power Hardware. Microsoft says it will provide faster services to its users.

Some users around the world have already seen what Windows 11 looks like a few hours ago. Microsoft is looking for other users to update as well. Microsoft is looking to introduce this Windows 11 power to the majority of Microsoft users by 2022. We may experience Microsoft's new operating system before 2022 on recently purchased computers with new hardware installed. Representatives of the Microsoft company have already announced the same thing.

How to upgrade to Windows 11?

Every single Microsoft user tries to switch from the current Windows 10 to the current Windows 11. New security features are attracting users. Also, the Start menu is available with a multi-tasking feature. The official Windows 11 operating system is available to us at the Microsoft Store. According to a review by a leading company, Windows 11 is much faster than all the current operating systems. The company claims that consumers will definitely like this speed.

Due to the newly installed hardware, the task reaction time is not normal if we install this operating system. Based on this, the experience will be different if Windows 11 users get a new PC. The company is also reportedly planning to bring new PCs to all its customers. This version offers many new security features that are not yet available in the market.

If you have recently purchased a new PC running Windows 10 you can immediately upgrade to Windows 11. Let's see how.

1. First check if your PC supports the latest version of Windows 11. You need to download the Microsoft PC Health Check app to see if it supports Windows 11. You can easily check through this app.

2. If you get the message that your PC supports the new version. Go ahead and save all the important data, documents, apps that you have.

3. In your computer browser set Settings → Update & Security → Windows update.

4. Now just click on the ‘Check for updates’ button. Your system will then check for updates on Windows. You will then see the Windows 11 update screen.

5. If you have a Windows 11 update available. The computer screen will show you the update for Windows 11.

The Windows 11 update is currently available for free offcast. So Windows 11 is likely to have more users. Its fast also attracts users. So far no bugs have been found in Windows 11.

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