Army rescues people in floods Manchu Manoj tweets praising Indian Army

In countries like Myanmar and North Korea, the military is committing anarchy against the people. Dictatorship reigns there. The complete opposite in our country. Our Indian Army sacrifices its lives for the people. Somewhere not within the borders. Every time nature provokes us, Indian soldiers advance. Destroy the survivors, perform brave adventures, save the people.

Earthquakes, floods, any problem like this people are waiting for the army. The army is our egg. Indian Army As the name suggests We have the courage of the Himalayan. Recently once again our army has expressed its humanity. Uttarakhand, Nainital floods video Soldiers risked their lives to save people from floods. Netizens salute the Army after watching the video.

He is a true friend who protects us when we are in trouble. So our army supports us every time we are in trouble stands as a best friend. Fresh floods have been inundating the northern states. The situation in Uttarakhand, in particular, has worsened. It has been raining heavily there for four days. People's lives became chaotic. Many were trapped in the floodwaters.

Soldiers formed like a human chain in the floods to rescue them and move them to safer areas. As the flood engulfed them. They stood against the wall with the courage of an unshakable heart. The video of the rescue operation went viral. People appreciate the service of the soldiers.

Many people are sharing this video on social media platforms. Tollywood actor Manchu Manoj also reacted to this. Manoj, who admires the Indian Army wherever possible in his films watched the latest video and greeted the soldiers.

Netizens watch the video and salute the soldiers. "I will always be proud to see our real heroes," said one user. Another netizen commented that it was a salute to our brave Indian adventurers. Another user liked Jai Hind. Thus, the Indian Army is showering praises on the brave soldiers.

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