Anthrax in Telangana .. The authorities warned not eat mutton

Anthrax is causing a stir in Telangana. The Animal Husbandry Department is on high alert following the recent death of four sheep from anthrax in Chapalabanda, Duggondi zone, Warangal district. Hundreds of sheep and goats are being vaccinated in the surrounding areas. Authorities are urging people to remain vigilant even if anthrax symptoms do not appear in other parts of the state.

Have veterinarians inspected the goat or lamb before buying it? To ensure that, traders say, the Department of Animal Husbandry officials suggest that once the area where the animals were slaughtered be inspected, if not credible. An organism is said to be infected with anthrax if it is in liquid form without immediately clotting. Authorities have issued warnings to people, shepherds and traders not to eat, touch or sell anthrax-infected goats and sheep.

Dr. Ramchander, Additional Director, State Department of Animal Husbandry, says that once anthrax has spread to an area, it can last up to 60 years. He said that if the carcasses of the dead animals were not buried carefully, the germs would come out of them and take root in the soil for years. Therefore, it was made clear that the disease would continue to spread to the surrounding people and livestock through the water, grass and air.

Authorities say mutton-eating people should be vigilant in the wake of the emergence of anthrax landmarks in Telangana. Be warned not to eat meat, especially those sold on the side of the road. It is recommended to eat well-cooked meat at a temperature of at least 100 degrees and not under any circumstances if not properly cooked.

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