Taliban leaders banned beard shaving, trimming in Afghanistan

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New taliban rulers anarchy continues in Afghanistan The Taliban have stated in their actions that they will continue to rule in accordance with Islamic law. Recently, a hook was issued for hairdressing salons in Helmand provinces. It is said that removing or shaving the beard is against Islamic law. He warned that anyone violating these rules would face severe penalties. He also said that Sharia law should be followed in the case of haircuts.

Some salon managers in Kabul said they had received similar orders. A saloon operator in Kabul said Taliban fighters often came to their saloon and ordered them not to shave their beards. He warned that inspectors would also be sent to inspect these. Another saloon owner said he received a phone call from a Taliban government official. He says he was warned not to do American hairstyles anymore.

The Frontier Post published a letter to the Taliban stating, "Bearding and western hairstyles have been banned in the provinces of Helmand in southern Afghanistan." "Islamic Orientation Ministry officials, in a meeting with representatives of men's hairdressers in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand, advised not to wear hair styling or shaving. They also ordered that music and hymns should not be heard in salons.

The Taliban have been told not to work with the personal preferences of the people. The Taliban regime, which lasted from 1996-2001, banned stylish haircuts. Restrictions continued to prevent men from growing beards. However, with the end of Taliban rule, Afghans became accustomed to clean shave and stylish haircuts. Recently, people are again concerned with the restrictions on shooters. They think it is better not to grow a beard than to die at the hands of the Taliban.

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